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Light Truck 6-Port Motor Driven Valve

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Incorporates six ports including returns, draws .5 amps max. at 12 Volts, fits 3/8" I.D. hose for fuel supply and 5/16" hose for return lines. Mounting holes:2 5/16" threaded nuts on 1 3/16"centers.valves remains in actuated position after power is disconnected. For new installations 42-203 connector and 34-592 toggle switch required. Installations sheet included. Motorized Fuel Tank Selector Valves (Diesel or Gas) These valves are designed for use in applications which involve in-tank fuel pumps, not exceeding the rated pres sure of the valve. Motorized valves are driven into position by an electric motor and are stable in either position. They only draw power for a fraction of a second during transfer. A switch in the valve shuts off the motor when the valve reaches the selected position. Note: Another switch within the valve provides automatic fuel gauge readout for selected tank

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42-159 Replacement Motor Driven 6 Port Fuel Valve Incorporates six ports including return,draw .5 amps max. at 12 volts. 12 Volts 0.5 Amp.
42-302 Light Truck 6-Port Motor Driven Valve Kit contains 42-159,42-203 Specification Same as 42-159. 12 Volts 0.5 Amp.
42-300 6 Port Motor Driven Fuel Valve Kit - Complete Kit Kit contains 42-159 42-203,34-592,42-201 Specification Same as 42-159 12 Volts 0.5 Amp.
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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